How to Make Tofu Cheese (Tofu Cheese Recipe)


Have you ever try a tofu cheese? The instant when oriental tofu encounters western cheese, a portion of gourmet food with a unique and tempting flavor is introduced to the earth.

Tofu, which has been served as a diet for thousands of years in China, is made from beans such as soybeans, mung beans, and peas, through the procedures of soaking, grinding, filtering, heating and solidifying. Tofu contains rich nutrients, of which plant proteins, fats, calcium, and carbohydrates contribute to the most important ones. A vast majority of the fat contained in tofu is unsaturated fat, which is the most beneficial fat for the human body. In addition to what listed above, tofu further contains zero cholesterol. Therefore, tofu has become a recognized health food and the first choice for a significant number of vegetarians.


Cheese is undoubtedly a popular food in western countries. It is a fermented dairy product with very high nutritional value. Although cheese can be found in major supermarkets in China, it does not seem to make a trend. In comparison, yogurt, a representative dairy product, has earned more welcomes in China, which may have a lot to do with local eating habits.


In fact, in Inner Mongolia, China, there is one type of food akin to cheese, named milk tofu, which feels no different from cheese to me, except for a different name given by the local people. I have introduced milk tofu in another article that subjected to Chinese desserts. Having an interest in traditional Chinese desserts? Click here to access the article: Traditional Chinese Desserts and Pastries.

I have no idea who is the genius that first thought of combining tofu and cheese, but ever since the moment tofu cheese touched my taste buds, I have admired it a fabulous innovation!

Tofu Cheese
Tofu Cheese

What do you need to prepare to make tofu cheese?

Tofu and cheese are absolute necessities. In this recipe, I choose tender tofu. The tofu is usually divided into”tender tofu” and “firm tofu” according to its texture, of which the tender tofu has high water content, contributing to a soft and delicate texture, and an optimal ingredient for desserts. You may also choose lactone tofu, though I am not sure what is it called in your city or region. In short, it is recommended to choose tofu with a soft and delicate texture.

As for cheese, you may choose your favorite brands. Here are some ingredients required other than tofu and cheese: egg white, white granulated sugar, gelatin sheets, whipping cream, vanilla extract. Besides, you need a food blender (or food processor), tin foil, and a mold for molding. I am using a 10×10 square-shaped mousse mold, which can be replaced by any handy mold you have at home.

Tofu Cheese Recipe


  • 2.5 ounces of tender tofu (70g)
  • 2.8 ounces of cheese (80g)
  • 4.4 ounces of whipping cream (25g, 100g)
  • 1 egg, only egg white
  • 2.1 ounces of fine white granulated sugar (60g, of which 10g is used for egg white, and the rest 50g for syrup)
  • gelatin sheets (10g), to soak in cold water for softening in advance
  • A few drops of vanilla extract

Cooking Steps:

  1. Firstly, make the whipped egg Take the egg white of an egg and add 10 grams of white granulated sugar to whisk. Please notice that the white granulated sugar shall be added in three times, details of which are as follows:
    • Whisk the egg white till foams appear, add 1/3 of white granulated sugar. This step would take about 30 seconds in total.
    • Adjust the whisk to medium speed, whisk in a circled way in the container at medium speed after the first third of the sugar is added. Add the second third of the sugar when the foams on the egg white surface become little in numbers and tiny in size.
    • Keep whisking while the egg white begins to become pasty. Add the last third of white granulated sugar and whisk for another 1-2 minutes. Lift the whisk and check the whipped egg white, if a sizeable curved horn shows, a success whipped egg white is then declared, indicating that the egg white has reached soft-peak form.
  1. Next, syrup preparation. Take 50 grams of white granulated sugar and 15 grams of water, mix them, and heat. Please keep an eye on the state of the syrup and turn it off when the bubbles of the syrup gradually become smaller and more uniform. It supposed to be about 245℉(118℃) if a thermometer is there with you.

  1. Continue to whisk the egg white when the syrup is prepared. Whisk the egg white at medium speed and slowly pour the syrup into it. As whisking is kept, you may find the egg white turns very compact and shiny. At last, switch the whisk to low speed and whisk for a few seconds to remove some bubbles. At this time, the container of the whipped egg white shall be warm; otherwise, it may lead to something wrong with the tofu cheese.

  1. Put the tender tofu and cheese into a food blender. Blend them until smooth, then pour into a large bowl, with the prepared whipped egg white added at the same time.[about 1 ounce (30g)] Stir well, and it should be sticky and pasty.

  1. Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water for softening, drain the softened gelatin sheets and melt them in water-barrier heating style, followed by adding 0.8 ounces (25g) of whipping cream, stir well and pour it into the tofu cheese paste made in the previous step, stir well again.

  1. Take 3.5 ounces (100g) of whipping cream, add a few drops of vanilla extract, whisk it until slightly textured and pasty by a whisk, and then pour it into tofu cheese paste, and stir well.

  1. Prepare the mousse mold with its bottom and sides are well wrapped with tin foil. Place it into a container to prevent the tofu cheese paste from flowing out and soiling your kitchen or refrigerator.

  1. Next, pour the gooey tofu cheese into the square-shaped mousse mold and then place it into the refrigerator for 4 or more hours freeze before taking it out.

  1. The frozen tofu cheese is now firmed and shaped. Cut into squares and whatever shapes you like to serve. I would suggest you blow the sides of the mode by using a hair-dryer, which would greatly facilitate the mold releasing process.

How to Enjoy A Tofu Cheese?

The easiest way is enjoying once it is cut into pieces, with the fragrance of soy-bean milk along with each bite. You may also match it with cakes, which is also a fantastic way. I even made drinks by tofu cheese, which was not disappointing when it paired with fruits! Come on! Give it a try!