Chinese Food

Welcome to Chndiet.com, a blog focus on sharing Chinese food and its catering culture. This blog is a place you may get to know the most authentic Chinese food and recipes, as well as local street snacks in China. Don’t let slip the Chinese food if you were a fan of delicacy, as it will amaze you!

What are the reasons for setting up this blog?

My friends and I are all food lovers and cooking fans. We’ve found that many foreigners fall in love with Chinese food after they visited China. However, some of them did not make the stay long enough and have to leave China for different reasons. Turning out that they haven’t got the chance for enough Chinese food. There are thousands of types of Chinese cuisine, snacks, and other food. It may cost you quite a long time to try all of them, maybe a couple of years? Yes, and I’m not kidding.

One day, I mentioned this idea to my friend, that we may set up a blog and share the Chinese food and its catering culture to everyone, including some authentic cooking recipes of home-cooking, most of which are the dishes and food that often cooked in Chinese families, some of which are relatively easy to prepare. We were intended to present the most down-to-earth and daily-like Chinese food rather than the exquisite cuisines in high-end restaurants by famous chefs, so that you may learn to cook Chinese food at home through the recipes we provided, and then enjoy the delicious food!

The idea was so much welcomed and supported by my friends, so we start our path together by setting up the blog. No matter you have came to China or not, we do wish you give a try on Chinese food, as they are really tasty! Beautiful food can cheer us up, especially Chinese food. Follow us, and get an in-depth view of the Chinese catering culture through Chndiet.com!